If you come across an animal that appears to be lost we all have the temptation to help it! Some people post pictures to social media, others call the closest vet, and some people take the animal home to keep it safe the for the time being.

The last option is exactly what this Minnesota man did! Earlier in June, he heard a kitten meowing in a parking lot. He wanted to help out so he brought the kitten home to keep her safe. Then things took a turn.

After getting the "kitten" home and he started hearing the noises this animal was making he was no longer convinced that this was a domesticated kitten. Nope, turns out he had just brought home a baby bobcat!

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota was contacted and they are now taking care of this little bobkitten. The WRC is really glad the man found this kitten before she got hit by a car. The bobkitten was only dehydrated so she'll spend a little more time recuperating and then she will be sent to a rehab center for bobcats.

A dead giveaway that she wasn't a domesticated kitten? The size of her paws!


Source: WCCO


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