Cute animal stories. Keep them coming. What's better than a building-scaling raccoon? Possibly a dancing bear.

Many people were wrapped up this week in the Minnesota raccoon who climbed the outside of a downtown St. Paul building. It finally made it to the top where it was caged to be safely released at ground level somewhere.

Meanwhile in Nashville, a father and son went to the zoo where the five-year old led a dance with a black bear that might also blowout the internet. Is it possible the bear that visited a southern Minnesota law enforcement center was looking for a dance partner?

Speaking of dancing animals, the Steele County Fair would like to find a couple of people who would like to don the Stella or Steely costume at the fair this summer. Ability to dance is optional. Fair-goers will love you either way.

Like the raccoon that seemed to flirt with death, here is a story of a dog that survived a near-death experience.



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