You can't keep us Minnesotans down! Not only do our raccoons climb skyscrapers without a net or fear, now Minnesotans have proof that we outlive the rest of the nation.

A recent study found that Minnesotans on average live longer than people from any other US State including D.C. The difference in life expectancy between Minnesota and Mississippi is 7 years!

The study pulled together lots of data to create "the most comprehensive state-by-state health assessment ever undertaken," according to a press release. (The study itself was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.) This study is unique because most big studies examine the United States as a whole.

So what is the biggest factor to an earlier death? You already know them: tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and bad diets. We know Minnesota is #1, here are the rest of the top-5 longest living states in the US followed by the bottom 5.

1. Minnesota: average, 78.7 years

2. California: average, 78.6 years

3. Connecticut: average, 78.4 years

4. Hawaii: average, 78.4 years

5. Colorado: average, 78.1 years

47. Oklahoma: average, 73.2 years

48. Louisiana: average, 72.9 years

49. West Virginia: average, 72.7 years

50. Alabama: average, 72.6 years

51. Mississippi: average, 71.8 years

Our trophy case has got to be getting full of all these accomplishments! One thing that could definitely hurt our chances of keeping the #1 ranking is this girl...

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