This woman is who I want to be when I grow up. Holly Jorgensen is a woman from Minnesota who lives on a lake, is an author, and runs a blog called "Holly on the Lake".

I live lightly on the earth and close to the land, using recycled and found goods almost exclusively in all areas of my life. I find an abundance of creative joy, financial freedom, and spiritual peace in this lifestyle and love to share it through my speaking and writing.

Holly's book, Enchanted — Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Lifewas launched December 15th, 2018. Her spirit really shines through in a poem she wrote called "Diversity":

To have a friend that's not like me

Is to swim in the sky

And fly in the sea

That poem was written about her fish friend, Greenie, a sunfish who lives under her dock on the lake. Holly and Greenie have been buddies since 2016 when this fish starting rubbing against Holly's leg like a cat wanting to be pet. He has been back every year since, and Holly has been taking good care of him, giving him treats and even pulling a hook out of his lip this summer.

Greenie isn't the only fish Holly has made friends with, another sunfish (Spot) was part of their friend group for a while, as well as a bass who has been named Slim.

Boyd Hubbart recently featured Greenie and Holly on Kare 11's Land of 10,000 Stories segment and you can see just how much of a bond Holly has with this fish, and nature as a whole. Thank you Holly for sharing this story and so many others with the world. Follow Holly's blog here. 

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