A woman who was a guest at the Cascade Lodge was walking on Hwy 61 in Lutsen when she came under attack by a young bald eagle. The very aggressive bird kept trying to grab the woman by the leg with it's talons and peck at her with it's beak. The incident happened about 100 yards away from the Lodge and Restaurant.

Bernie Banks who is the Head Kitchen Manager at the resort ran to help the woman by putting his chefs jacket over the eagles head to help the woman get away, which the young eagle then proceeded to shred. Bank's said to FOX21" I just took off my jacket and threw it over him and tried my best to get him off of her while not hurting the bird or hurting her anymore without me getting hurt, alright. It was terrifying. I’m just thankful it was a young bird and not a full grown bird because it was huge and strong. It was something else."

Thankfully the woman was not severely injured, just a few scrapes on her legs thanks to the fact she was wearing blue jeans and Banks quick reaction to throw his jacket on the eagle. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota State Patrol were called in to help wrangle the eagle to keep it away from other people and to protect the bird from going into the road. At one point the bird even poised itself on top of one of the police cars so they headed down the road slowly trying to get it out of the immediate area.

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The Minnesota Raptor Center in St. Paul were contacted but the bird eventually flew off.  Experts from the Raptor Center and The National Eagle Center both said the eagle could be sick, injured or learning this behavior from humans feeding it at it's young age, but nobody is really sure what caused this bad behavior. To see a video of the incident click here.

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