Some of these "studies" that we see are just completely ridiculous.  I find some about Minnesota and I usually take offense at them.  They are generally off and usually done by people who either don't live here, or have never been here at all.

Damais Ganz/Zillow
Damais Ganz/Zillow

I remember the one that I saw about "don't waste your money on these vacation/tourist traps" and one was the Mall of America. BUT the issue was that they said in the same report that people should instead spend time and money on the "Underwater Sea Adventure" and/or Lego Land.  Ummm, those are both IN the Mall of America.  That's coming from someone who obviously just thinks that MOA is just a giant mall and nothing more.  Nope, wrong.

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And this little beach study is also wrong.  During their survey, they said that there are only 2 good beach towns in Minnesota.  Now I know that Minnesota and beach doesn't really go together, but there is a lot of water areas here, you know, the land of 10,000+ lakes.  Yeah, here we go.  They say Duluth and Eden Prairie.  I'll give you Duluth, but Eden Prairie??  Really?  How about Detroit Lakes? How about "lakes region", Brainerd area? How about the Chain-O-Lakes? How about all of the resort-y towns that we have with those giant lakes we have?  I'm talking other than Superior.  Like Leech, Mille Lacs, Gull, even Koronis is pretty large.  Lake Minnetonka, and honestly, Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska- those are great beaches.

Obviously I have taken issue with this little "study".  Update your study.

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