There are incredible volunteers in Minnesota. In fact, Minnesota is 2nd in the nation when it comes to volunteer rate. That, coupled with a strong number of the population that has donated money resulted in Minnesota being one of the most charitable states in the nation.

Wisconsin and Iowa? Not so much.

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Our friends at Wallet Hub took a deep dive into finding which states were the most charitable for 2022, and Minnesota came in at number three.

Minnesota Is The 3rd Most Charitable State in the Nation

According to the study from Wallet Hub, Minnesota was 2nd in volunteer rate, and 2nd in the percent of people who donated time. Because of that, Minnesota was earned the #3 spot. Below is how Minnesota ranked compared to the rest of the nation in some of the key factors that Wallet Hub looked at.

• 15th – Charities per Capita
• 30th – % of Donated Income
• 2nd – % of Population Who Donated Time
• 16th – % of Population Who Donated Money
• 22nd – % of Population Collecting/Distributing Food
• 2nd – Volunteer Rate
• 18th – Volunteer Hours per Capita

Wisconsin was 19th in volunteering & service and was 24th in charitable giving, while Iowa was 31st in volunteering & service and was 42nd in charitable giving.

Maybe 'Minnesota Nice' is a thing after all?

Monetary Donations Up Across The Country In 2020

Americans donated over $471 billion in 2020, up 5.1% from the previous year, but the United States actually fell behind.

United States is falling behind – dropping to 19th place among the most generous countries after years at the top of the list. However, U.S. donors in 2020 still gave more than $471 billion to charity, with 69% of the funds coming directly from individuals, according to the National Philanthropic Trust.

Americans do donate a lot of their time, though. According to Wallet Hub, over 77 million people volunteered in the U.S.

Over 77 million people volunteer in the U.S., serving a combined total of 6.9 billion hours per year, the equivalent of $167 billion of service.

The impressive volunteer rate helped push Minnesota up to #3, but who topped the list?

Utah was #1 and Maryland was #2 on this list ahead of Minnesota. How did our neighbors rank overall? North Dakota was #5, Wisconsin was #20, South Dakota was #22, and Iowa was #42.

Source: WalletHub

You can see the full report from Wallet Hub here.

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