How about some good news? The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development report Minnesota exports of goods is at an all time high of $23 billion between 2017 and 2018. This is the result of a 10% increase in exports. Minnesota moves up from 23 on the last of states to 20th highest in exports in the U.S.

Our top exports were optic and medical goods amounting to $4.5 billion which is a 19% increase. Other leading Minnesota exports include machinery $3.5 billion along with electrical equipment, plastics, vehicles and food by-products.

As far as where these exports go, Canada is our number one market with $4.8 billion followed by China at $2.8 billion. Other large customers for Minnesota exports are Mexico, Japan, Germany, Korea and Singapore.

Exports played a major role in supporting almost 118,000 jobs across Minnesota.

The National Weather Service has issued its first report on anticipated cresting of the Mississippi. Read about it  here.

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