More than 30 crashes have occurred this winter between passenger vehicles and plows on Minnesota roadways. The family car doesn't have much of a chance in such an encounter.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging motorists to use extra caution while plows are on the roads. Vehicles should stay 10 car lengths behind plows. This allows time to react when plows slow down or make quick turns. Do not use cruise control when conditions require plows to be out.

In a news release from MNDOT Wednesday, state maintenance engineer Steve Lund stated, "Crashes typically happen because of inattentive drivers, motorists driving too close to the plow or motorists driving too fast for conditions."

He added that plow operators are not able to see behind their vehicles very well due to the size of the truck and the cloud of snow they create while plowing. In 2016 there were 46 crashes between snowplows and vehicles.

Lund said, "Motorists should be patient and stay back from the plow. Snowplows travel much slower than the posted speeds because it is most effective for clearing roads."

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