Former longtime KDHL Sports Director Mike Morrissey passed away today, November 30, 2015. He was 75 and touched so many lives in his years at KDHL. We were so blessed to have him here. Cancer took him from us and he fought about as hard as anyone I ever witnessed with the disease. I admit I knew it was coming and it still left me numb. Complete funeral arrangements have not been made yet. Bold Funeral Home of Faribault is handling the arrangements, and as soon as I have full details I will post them here. This is a quick poem I put together tonight as memories were racing through my head about a man who was a mentor and like a big brother to me all these years at KDHL.

Planet Earth was blessed to have Mike Morrissey here for 75 years.

It was too short for sure and that's why many hearing the news shed crocodile tears.

Mike drew his last breath on November 30th with his children by his side.

If you could write the script, it would be the way from this life to ride.

For Mike loved each of his kids with a different parental love.

I'm sure it's that way with most parents when push comes to shove.

Danny is smart, David has a big heart and Heather could flash a smile

That even in Mike's final moments, could help him forget what was happening for a while

Former Mayor Chuck Ackmann says he was hired by Mike in 1977

And that alone should get him into heaven.

I'm only kidding, but I do know Tom Hartman is the man to thank for bringing Mike to town

Tom told me he met Mike in his years up north and knew he would be great with sports and not make people frown.

I think God directly spoke to Michael's parents when they named him Mike

Because I can't imagine him doing anything else, he was a natural in front of a mic.

God blessed him with a tremendous set of pipes and Mike knew how to use it.

Not all announcers blessed with great voices manage not to abuse it.

I can't even count all the Hall Of Fame honors with which Mike was bestowed.

Every single one deserved because his play-by-play just flowed.

The scores and scores of lives he's touched I don't think can even be tallied.

I know he enjoyed every call, whether for a state title or when a regular season team rallied.

When I arrived in 1987 I was a 28-year-old kid on my fifth radio stop.

Mike was very nice to me and made me feel welcome, not like a flop.

For 17 years Mike and I broadcast St. Olaf football and basketball games together

We traveled in virtually every kind of weather.

I remember one time coming home from a game in the snow and awakened to find us traveling in a ditch.

I said Mike what's going on as he drove straight along the bottom without a hitch.

He laughed that laugh of his and said what does it look like Gordy we went off the road.

I replied are we going to just hop up there like a toad.

We laughed and laughed until both of us had tears rolling down our cheeks.

We recalled that memory for many weeks.

We broadcast so many games together and of course at the State Basketball Tourney.

It was an incredibly fun journey.

Oh we did play some golf and have other fun too.

That's why I'm feeling a bit blue.

I know Mike is in a much better place and there is no more cancer pain.

Our Earthly loss is Heaven's great gain.

I was blessed to be able to tell Mike just a couple of days before he passed

How I loved him like a big brother and the years had gone by so fast.

Mike Morrissey joins announcers Dean Curtis, Hiram Higsby, and owners Palmer Dragstad, Herb Lee and Jack Hyde.

God evidently needs a great play-by-play man by his side.


Mike Morrissey
Mike Morrissey

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