The Made in Owatonna Days program will be entering its 7th year this upcoming school year. This is a program that gives student the opportunity to witness and learn first hand about potential jobs in Steele County. The Bosch Community Fund recently awarded the program with $5,490. The funds to be used for marketing, meals, transportation and material costs for the program.

The program is conducted on 3 days spread out between fall, winter and spring. Students from the Owatonna high School, Owatonna Alternative Learning Center, Blooming Prairie High School and Medford High School take part. It's usually  juniors or seniors who take part. This upcoming school year will focus on IT/Business, Human Services and Manufacturing careers.

Remember back to your first job. Did you know much about the ins and outs of the business? If you had, would you have chosen that as a career? That's what the Made in Owatonna Days program hones in on. It gives students a first hand look at what a real job at a particular place or a certainly is really like.

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