. The play is set at an Ozarks fishing lodge run by D. Gene Wilburn who is played by Tim Fitzgerald. Wilburn's wife Wanelle will be played by Elisabeth Wadman who has chosen to give up caffeine during her husband's planned restful weekend. Their son Ty's played by Craig Haverich is having marriage difficulty with his wife Jenna who will be played by Abigail Barnes. Mix in the ego of Jock McNair played by Tim Abraham. The situation gets more out of hand with D.Gene's sister Maxie played by Kathy Rush Vizina and mix in a blend of nuns and let the fun begin.

Other's in the play include Ron Hager as Huddle Fisk, Lisa Biwer as Sister Myrtle Agnes and Lisa Cochran as Barbara Stratton. Sandee Hardy-Hagen serves as Artistic Director with Kimberly Keck as Technical Director.

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