If you are like me, you show some pride for your hometown. My hometown is Albert Lea, and when I see something that makes national news, I get all excited. After all, Albert Lea is a small town, and it's not often that it beats out other, much larger, cities for recognition.

This time, Albert Lea was mentioned on the Travel Channel's website for having one of the coolest rest stops and gas stations around the world. Yes, you read that right, the world. This was not just a Minnesota thing, or even a Midwest mention. Trails Travel Center is on the list as No. 3 for Coolest Rest Stops and Gas Stations.

Trails Travel Center/Facebook Gallery Photo
Trails Travel Center/Facebook Gallery Photo

When I was a teenager, I used to go to the Trail's cafe before it closed in its former location. The food was good, which is why my friends and I kept going back. Trail's moved out closer to the interstate, and is now much bigger. They have the Iron Skillet Restaurant, which makes amazing chicken, the Skol Tavern, and a McDonald's right on site. For dessert you can buy homemade fudge in their gift shop, or stop at Cold Stone, also right on site there.

Trail's Travel Center is certainly a one-stop shop - you can find almost everything you need there. This is definitely a step above and beyond the truck stops I knew growing up; they have more than fuel and sandwiches. Next time you are in Albert Lea, check out the Travel Center. It may be busy, but, it is well worth the time to stop. Don't just take my word for it, the Travel Channel must agree since they put them on their list.

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