This time of year is so cool with the trees and bushes changing colors. Then losing their leaves, so we can walk through them to hear that crunching. There's is no sneaking up on anyone this time of year.

Well, that of course, leads to extra work. But on a nice sunny day with comfortable temperatures, it's OK to be raking up the leaves. Better yet, just chomp or mulch them up with the lawn mower.

I remember my neighbor would take bags and bags of leaves to cover up his garden. I also remember helping him bagging up those same leaves in the spring to uncover that big garden. It seemed bigger in the spring.

The reds, yellows and oranges in the trees and bushes is also a reminder of the fall flowers that have just as many colors, if not more. One of the most popular, mums come in a huge range of colors, light purple, deep red, orange, light orange, gold. I have some purple ones, and some purple Asters too. I even still have the Black-eyed Susan, looking good finally after all these years.

It seemed some trees turned early this year, but I am still noticing a few just changing. There is one tree in the neighborhood that is one-third branches, one-third color and the last part still some green. All mixed together. The tree in front of our house had a small amount of red and the rest just turning for the season. Enjoy the colors.

Also, a big reminder, farmers are in the fields. It seems they have had some great weather to get a lot done. It seems "Busy as a Farmer in the Fall" could be a new saying. Next year, we change that to "Busy as a Farmer in the Spring." Stay safe, farmers. Farmers are out there day and night. Be patient when you see their machinery on the roads.

Just a quick note, Sunday, November 1, is Fall Back to Central Standard Time. It should be easy to stay up until 2AM to change the clocks with all that candy you just ate.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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