Well, really that's just an estimate. We brought him in as a stray in August and the vet tech said between 6 and 8 months. So for some reason I thought January would be a good time to celebrate. Why not?

No, we don't have a party or anything. Some do, I know. We just wish him a "Happy Birthday."

Zeke and George are getting along nicely. George will be sitting in a box and Zeke will run up to him, stop -- maybe turn and run or they will "box" and then Zeke will turn and run. It's pretty funny.

Favorite toy of all time, these little colorful fur-covered plastic mice, especially anywhere. The kitchen floor may be the best because then he can mess up the rugs as he chases them.

The next best place is the "jungle gym," which is under the dining room table with all the legs mixed together. Hopping over and sneaking over. That will keep you in shape.

He also enjoys when we toss the mice or any toy in the air so he can jump after it or bat at it, sometimes the mouse may come right back to us.

Next it's time to curl up and rest, whether it is on a pillow near George or under the table hear a heater. Laps are best though.

Happy Birthday, Zeke!

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.