The latest trend on TikTok is to show off what you have taken from your school's restroom.

The "Bathroom Challenge" has students are taking things like the toilet seat, paper towel dispensers, and even doors to the stall from their school's restroom.

Check this out, the trend is even now extending beyond the restroom. Some are now taking various items from around their school like trophies, fire extinguishers, and foam ceiling tiles. Yes, CEILING TILES.

Schools around the country have reportedly caught on to the trend and now they are warning students that if they are caught stealing from the school, charges will be filed against them.

The vandalism at some schools has gotten so out of hand that schools are now reportedly limiting bathroom access for students.  

As I mentioned on the radio, how brave must one be to take such things, and how are they getting away with this? Where are students hiding doors that should be attached to restroom stalls?

Whatever the case may be, the trend is real and some students are risking it all to be part of it on TikTok.

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