If there is one thing Minnesotans love, it's things that are shaped like Minnesota. Cutting boards, pot holders, wall art, we love it all. So why not have nature shaped like our great state as well?

There is a Minnesota-shaped forest in Northern Minnesota just waiting to be explored. Aptly named "Minnesota Shaped Forest", it was created by a man named Bill Lockner in the 90's.

While clearing dying pine trees in the early ’90s Lockner took it upon himself to have a little fun, Forest Services-style. Using nothing more than a compass and other analog measurement tools, he was able to map out the shape of Minnesota in the trees and cleared out the dying growth only in the shape of the state.

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Another round of tree clearing happened in the '00s, but this time the clearing happened all the way around, leaving a large cluster of Jack Pine trees and growth in the shape of our state.

Bill Lockner has never said much about the project or given any real reason why it happened in the first place. Like any good Minnesotan, I'm sure he just liked the shape and knew we all would enjoy it as well.

The forest is considered a Historical Landmark in the state, if you want to see it for yourself it's roughly a 5 hour drive from the St. Cloud area up to Forest Area Township. And really driving past it it'll look like any other wooded area, it really only stands out from above.

(Atlas Obscura)

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