There were a lot of "surprised" faces in the crowd for a K-League match on May 17th featuring FC Seoul and Gwangju FC.

The K-League is one of the first professional sports leagues to resume after the Coronavirus outbreak took place. While games are taking place, fans are not allowed to attend the matches so typically mannequins are used as placement in the stands. FC Seoul not only used mannequins but they, umm.... used sex dolls. No not literally used them, but dressed them up in team colors and had signs that referenced adult "entertainment" sites according to ESPN. The K-League took this offense seriously and fined the Futbol club a record 100 million Korean, or $82,000.

According to the report, FC Seoul said there was a misunderstanding and were not aware that the dolls were supposed to be used for adult...companionship. The team took to social media and issued an apology to the fans.

We are very sorry about the supporting mannequins that were placed during the game on May 17. These mannequins may have been made to look and feel like real humans but they are not for sexual use -- as confirmed by the manufacturer from the beginning.


The League forbids inappropriate and sexual advertisements. The event is currently being investigated by league officials.

It is not easy to say whether this breaks the rules, as it is not a clear violation. We are trying to get a clear interpretation.


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