What got me thinking about tattoos was this story on pop star Ariana Grande. She wanted a tattoo that read Seven Rings in honor of her hit song of that name. You can read the whole story here. For some reason she wanted it done in Japanese? She apparently can't read Japanese because her Japanese friends informed her what her tattoo reads is BBQ Grill. Well, she might be the only person on the planet with that tattoo.

I've never had a tattoo and never will. To me getting a tattoo would be like having to wear the same plaid shirt every day the rest of my life. Of course if I was forced to get one I'd choose something practical like maybe a Rolex watch tattooed on my wrist. Yea, something that make me come across better than I really am. Wanna play a game? Quick how many other words can you name that have three consecutive vowels in them like the word tattooed? There are a few.

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