It is the end of June Dairy Month and all month long we have been giving away gallons of milk from Cashwise Foods. Twenty people won the gallon of milk, so 20 names went into a hat to be drawn for the grand prize, a $50 gift card for dairy products at Cashwise Foods.

Our winner this year is Jan Stavenau from Owatonna. I was thrilled to be able to call her and let her know that she won the grand prize, this is one of my most favorite parts of my job here. I love to give stuff away, I get just as excited as the winners.

Some dairy trivia to round out the month:

  • A cow drinks about a bathtub full of water daily
  • The dairy breed that has the most cows in the US is the Holstein
  • It takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese
  • A cow produces over 2400 gallons of milk a year
  • Cows have 32 teeth

Congrats to all of our winner this year, and a special congrats to Jan!

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