Police charged a man in a case officials believe could be drug related. Nineteen-year-old Jordan Deangelo Washington of Brooklyn Center died at a hospital shortly after being shot at a Richfield apartment complex in May. Nineteen-year-old Silas McDougal of Minneapolis was charged June 26 with aiding and abetting murder in the second degree, according to the Sun Current news publication.

Police found evidence at the scene that was consistent with a marijuana transaction. Witnesses reported a gunshot May 17 and several individuals running from the scene. Crime techs found McDougal's palm print on the vehicle of the victim. Police also spoke to a witness who saw the accused at the site.

Surveillance video shows four men at the scene, according to the Sun Current report. Police found multiple backpacks nearby that are believed to belong to those individuals. One backpack had some personal information tied to McDougal.

The accused man is reportedly in custody on a different matter and could face up to 40 years in prison if found guilty.

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