I guess January 26 has been designated as National Spouses Day. I have no idea who came up with the idea, or even why they have one. The folks at National Today asked more than 1,000 Americans some questions about their spouses and here's a few of the results. Play along and see how you would have answered.

One of the findings indicated that 38 percent of the married women thought their husband was sexy while 57 percent of the husbands thought they had sexy wives. I spit my coffee out on that one. I honestly can't remember the last time my wife and I had seen each other in bright light. She's worn glasses for years and I should be wearing glasses. I'll say no more, let's move on.

The top things that our spouse does that annoys us is: My spouse has selective hearing with 40 percent listing that as No. 1.  Tell the truth now, are you smiling and or nodding your head? I must admit when something worries me and gets on my mind I'm not afraid to share it with my wife. The current topic for the past few months is whether we need to invest in a new drain field or will I be forced to upgrade to a mound system. I can't blame the poor gal for walking away from me. I reckon having a spouse whining about the fact that they hope they can upgrade the septic system with just a drainage field can become a real turnoff. Lately though I think she's learned selectively not listen to me when the topic comes up.I'll try to bite my tongue. By the way, No. 2 on the lists was snoring, which was mentioned by 39 percent of the spouses surveyed.

Here's one last one to discuss, or perhaps argue about, with your spouse: 44 percent of husbands surveyed state that they share the housework 50-50. The wives' response? Just 26 percent. If lawn mowing, snow blowing and raking leaves count, I might make it.

I'm still on my first and last spouse. I've sort of become like an old hunting dog with a bum leg. I'm content to stay put and watch rather than chase after.

Happy National Spouses Day!

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