In seeing all the troubles the Minnesota Vikings had over the last couple of years. I'm wondering what the problem is, and I have a few suggestions.

If I ran the team, here is what I would do.

First thing, fire Kirk Cousins

We have paid him $100 million and what has he delivered? One playoff win. Yes, his numbers look good, but he doesn't have the killer instinct all the elite quarterbacks have. Look at Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. They will never say die till the game is over. It's time to get someone, either a good draft choice or go after someone that has proven themselves to be a winner. What about Taysom Hill from the Saints, for example?

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Find out why kickers come to Minnesota to die

Why can't we get someone that can kick a ball between two posts? I call it the Gary Anderson curse. Ever since he missed that kick that could put the Vikings in the Super Bowl in 98-99, no kicker has been consistently good and could win games for us.

Fire Rick Spielman!

He has made some colossally bad decisions that have put Mike Zimmer and the Vikings in the place they are now. How about draft picks? Remember Christian Ponder, Laquon Treadwell, Willie Beavers, Blair Walsh? None of those really panned out. Where would the Vikings be if they could have kept the defense from a couple of years ago and still have the offense we have now. Yes, in the Super Bowl!

Make Mike Zimmer the GM

This would allow him to have control of who he puts on the field and put together the team he wants. I know Mike has said he doesn't want that responsibility but talk to these other coaches who have won Super Bowls because they controlled the team and could put together the team they wanted.

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