Here we are, six months from today it's Christmas. Lori Running of Advocates for Developmental Disabilities was our guest on AM 1390's Talk of the Town. The 28th Festival of Trees is coming in November. Letters to past purchasers of trees will be going out in the next week or so. Meanwhile orders are now being accepted for decorated Christmas trees.

Tree sizes range from 4 foot pencils to 7 and a half foot pines. Prices range from $300 to $575. Corporate sponsors are being sought out as well. To place your order call (507)-451-9769. Find out more at the ADD website.

At the beginning of the past school year a total of 780 students were identified in the Owatonna school district facing some type of developmental challenge, add in 35 in Blooming Prairie and mix in Ellendale and Medford and you have a sizeable number of individuals need special attention and help. These numbers also include types of physical challenges such as diabetes and asthma.

Among the offerings of the ADD are Autism Support groups that meet monthly when school is in session.  The group also offers specially trained babysits who can sit for individuals with challenges. Three more folks recently completed the special training for this task. Programs and presentations are made throughout the year educating the public about those with developmental challenges.

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