The Steele County American Dairy Association will offer a featured flavor at the Steele County Fair. Here at KRFO, we have asked you to guess what that might be.

Listeners and their friends have gone to the KRFO Facebook page to predict what the special flavor will be. Everyone who guesses, whether correct or not, is entered into a random drawing for a free malt at the fair.

Plenty of the ideas sound delicious. Caramel and sea-salt caramel are popular guesses. Cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, butterscotch, raspberry, banana and mango all seem like possible answers. Oatmeal cinnamon, peanut butter cup, turtle and marshmallow with hot fudge all seem to have good potential. Then I saw Rosemary Schuster's suggestion of BBQ.

My first thought was, "No way." Then I paused and thought, "Maybe?" I like BBQ sauce to a fault, if you were to ask my wife. But as a milkshake? So I went to the web. offers a bourbon milkshake from someone called Mr. BBQ. It sounds pretty good, but would have to be served in Ye Old Beer Garden if it were to be available at the Steele County Fair. offers a list of 50 milkshake flavors, but no BBQ-flavored option. They do have recipes for olive oil, tiramisu, blueberry-buttermilk, pina colada and boozy banana milkshakes.

It was easier to find bacon-flavored milkshake recipes, as chosen by Becky Hoffman and Corkey Stephens. has a maple-bacon milkshake concoction that would likely create long lines at the ADA malt stand.

Coffee is one my favorite suggestions, offered as a guess by Judy Bishop. What's your vote? Go to the KRFO Facebook page. Five random posters will win a malt certificate, drawn on August 14. The Steele County Fair runs August 15-20 in Owatonna. No one has guessed Spam, yet.


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