There's a pizza place in Des Moines, Iowa, known for it's Chinese Food / Pizza fusions; Crab Rangoon Pizza, General Tso's Chicken Pizza, Ramen Pizza, Fongolian Beef, and more. Now they're known for a Froot Loops pizza!

The pizza place is called Fong's, and the Loopy Fruits Pizza has a sweet cream cheese sauce with mozzarella and a layer of Froot loops. After it comes out of the oven it gets a Greek  yogurt/condensed milk drizzle.

According to the Today Show, the Cofounder of Fong's, Gwen Page said,

“I guess this — in its funny little quirky way because that’s Fong’s to a T — is a way of spreading kindness...You look at this pizza and it’s a rainbow. It should bring a smile to your face, even in the form of, 'Wow, that’s crazy, I gotta try that’ or ‘Wow, those guys are crazy! I can’t believe they’re doing that.'”

Credit: KCCI - Click for link to story/video.

The menu has plenty of regular pizzas. Big Whoop. You can get those anywhere. But if it's late night, after bar, and you have  a certain kind of itch, maybe only a Ramen Pizza can scratch it. Because, let's be honest, late at night noodles rule.

CREDIT: Fong's Pizza - click for link

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The Loopy Fruit Pizza! Credit: KCCI - Click for link to story/video.

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