An AWESOME new arcade is coming to Central Iowa in May!

Thanks to a new article from the Des Moines Register, we now know that a new business called Monsterama Arcade is set to open in Des Moines this spring. Located at 3104 S.W. Ninth Street next to Lucky Gal Tattoo and Piercing, Monsterama Arcade has been in the works since 2019. The 1,700 square-foot building will feature 50 vintage arcade games, as well as a pizza and snack shop. The article says that "the kitchen will be using local brands including Graziano's and Mama Rosa pasta sauce to create its own spin on pizzas." The arcade was created to be a family-friendly establishment, so alcohol will not be served.

If you're into monsters and horror movies, Monsterama Arcade will be right up your alley. Every detail of the arcade has been carefully crafted to fit the theme, all the way down to the pizza boxes! Owners Chris Pruisner and Jason Shreve told the Des Moines Register that they reached out to Ian Miller, the owner of The Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction in Des Moines, for help with their vision. The coolest part of the arcade is probably the eight-foot King Kong hand that hangs from the ceiling! Here are a few sneak peek photos that Monsterama Arcade has posted on social media.

Monsterama Arcade is set to open its doors on Sunday, May 1st. You can get more information about the new business, including tentative hours of operation, from the Des Moines Register HERE. For the latest updates from Monsterama, be sure to follow them on Facebook HERE.

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