I see by our Facebook that a number of folks spent New Years Eve warm and safe at home. Not a bad idea. However, my wife had other ideas as we were invited to our friends in New Richland for tacos.I'm smiling as I recall how New Years Eves have changed over the years. First off I have a drivers license that firmly states that I am now an official senior citizen. My wife isn't too far behind but she's in some ways older than I am as she's recovering from a broken hip. We arrive at our friend's home and there's Richard sitting in a recliner. He just had a knee replaced a couple weeks ago and his wife has had some health concerns as well. I'm not complaining about getting older and slower as I've heard that people that have birthdays tend to live longer.

I got to thinking we'll be a another year older for New Years 2020 and maybe we should do some planning with activities that are conducive to our age. We could start off with a meal of soup and soft white bread. For entertainment we can play an easy game like shaking dice. However, we're at that age where we can't throw money around and we want the game to mean something. How about shaking dice for something with some value like maybe Tylenol? When a person gets down to their last two Tylenol tablets, we can stop the game. The prospect of waking up on New Years Day with our arthritis,bursitis and whatever without Tylenol sounds cruel.

I noticed our friends have added Alexa. That's a machine where you tell it what to do and it does it. How about a game called Let's Lock Up Alexa? We could offer up commands like "Alexa, play the song Bla Doo Gop Slick. Or Alexa, Turn the plop goo goo on. The first one to get her to lock up like a computer with a virus will win a surprise. Oh well I have almost 12 more months to plan though after re reading this post it comes across that I might be losing my marbles faster than I thought. wink wink.

Happy New Year.

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