I was just poking around on the web and the next thing you know I'm typing in questions and bouncing back and forth and rechecking. Anyway here's a few bits of trivia that I would have gone 0-5 on just a few minutes ago.

1 What is the world's largest perennial herb?

2. How many people committed suicide by jumping out of skyscraper windows during the Depression?

3. Your dog or cat could die from eating poinsettia leaves.

4. Name the biggest desert on earth

5. What month of the year do we find the earth closest to the sun?

Here we go with the answers and maybe you'll be as surprised as I was.

1. The banana plant is the worlds largest perennial herb. It can grow up to 25 feet high but has no woody fiber and no branches, so it isn't a tree.

2. There were 2 cases of people committing suicide by jumping out of skyscraper windows during the Depression.

3. Your pet may get sick but it won't die if it eats a poinsettia leaf or two.

4. The biggest desert is Antarctica. It receives less than 2 inches of precipitation per year. It's also quite a bit bigger than the Sahara. I had never thought of Antarctica as  a desert.

5. Get ready, we're just days away from January which happens to be the month that the earth is closest to the sun. We farthest away from the sun on July 6. Did your jaw drop too? It's the angle of the sun's rays that determines the heat we feel here on earth.

It makes one wonder how we came to be so wrong on some thing, doesn't it?

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