Perhaps only in Minnesota would a headline like I Got My Driver's License in 11 Days get attention. We've been hearing the stories on MNLars and their problems with getting driver's licenses, titles and license plates out and on time. Just a couple months ago I read that one should expect a several month wait to get their renewed driver's license in the mail.

So, did I get lucky or are things turning around? I don't know but I'm happy. I'd been worried about passing the eye exam but nailed it on the first try. I still don't know what the ability to read little letters and numbers has to do with driving. Maybe it means I can see well enough to text and drive? (I've never texted while driving and never will) My vision is similar to so many folks I talk to. I see as fine as anyone until it comes to reading fine print and I have no plans to read fine print while driving. The vision test would make more sense if the examiner would strap on some deer antlers and jump up from behind the office furniture and you would then have a second or so to ring a bell.

Anyway I was given a sheet of paper to keep with me in anticipation that it would be a long wait before I get my newly renewed driver's license in the mail. Then 11 days later it shows up in the mail.

Here's hoping it wasn't a fluke and MNLars is finally getting back on track.

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