This morning I ran across this Associated Press story on how the honesty of a young lady golfer cost her team the state championship. It happened Tuesday in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. Sioux Falls Christian had apparently won the Class A girls state golf tournament when the first place finisher Kate Wynga realized she had erred. She had written down a 4 for the 18th hole when she actually shot a 5. Hats off to her parents. Wynga told her coach of the mistake and it was reported.

The end result led to her disqualification and it also cost her team the state title. The penalty caused the team to finish second.

Think about it. How proud would you be knowing you had such an honest child. You must have taught her well. While I imagine her teammates were disappointed in not winning I hope they realize what a treasure they have in having such an honest teammate. Lessons learned that will certainly need to be applied later in life.

Young lady, I tip my hat to you and hope my kids and parents learn your story.

The Argus Leader has the full story.

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