Everyone loves going to the "Great Minnesota Get Together" for the rides, the attractions and most of all the food. Fair food is big business and the vendors that set up shop at the State Fair are grateful for your big appetite!

The Star Tribune just posted food vendor earnings from last year and... Holy Cow! The numbers make me want to buy a food truck and travel around from fair to fair.

Their article included top-selling State Fair food vendors from 2016:

 1. Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar made $3.94 million

 2. Midwest Dairy Association made $1.16 million

3. Mouse Trap Cheese Curds made $1.12 million

 4. Fresh French Fries made $894,237

5. Corn made $790,450

This year’s State Fair begins Aug. 24 and runs through Labor Day.

State Fair officials just announced new foods that will be offered this year. There are 31 options and most look delicious. Check out the new food menu, here. 

And last week all of the new attractions were announced. North America's largest traveling Ferris Wheel is coming! It's HUGE, check it out. 


Dunken was running on the Douglas Trail in Rochester on Monday when he saw a semi-truck on it's side. Check this out:


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