This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with Registered Dietician Kari Collett from A-to-Zinc Nutrition. We discussed New Year's resolutions revisited about a month into the new year. She says if people expect to have success, if their resolution is to lose weight or eat better, they need to identify their "why" if they want to have success in making this change. She says people can make a difference immediately in just removing one bad regularly consumed food item.  She says moving to a whole food diet can be an adjustment and making of her clients' bodies need time to make this adjustment.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





Collett says men typically have an easier time losing weight due to their increased muscle mass and the general body make up that a man has as opposed to a woman.  She says when tackling a change like this it is helpful that others in the household are on-board and supportive but it isn't necessary that everyone in the household makes these changes with them.  Kari says people don't always make diet changes for weight loss purposed but sometimes to help deal with inflammation, digestion, acid reflux, gas and/or stomach cramps.  A healthy attitude making a long-term change aids in achieving these goals.  Kari says often times people eat more often and consume as many if not more calories than before but the food they consume is much better for them.

Learn more about A-to-Zinc Nutrition and Kari Collett.  Health Matters airs on WJON Mondays and Saturdays from 9:10-10 a.m.

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