This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with Registered Dietician Kari Collett from A-to-Zinc Nutrition. Our discussion was on healthy eating during the holidays.  She says with more and more people hosting their own holiday gathering can allow for moving away from some unhealthy traditions.  Kari suggests including plenty of vegetables cooked in a variety of ways or just presented raw.  She says grilling vegetables and/or lean meats can be an option.  When it comes to appetizers she prefers a veggie tray and dips that are healthy.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





Kari says eating healthy on a regular basis will improve your energy level and lead to a desire to do more healthy eating and exercise. Collett says when someone moves away from the typical healthy eating diet that can cause problems with a person gut.  Collett says desserts can still be consumed but portions should be regulated.  She suggests enjoying eat bite.

Learn more about healthy eating from Kari Collett at A-to-Zinc Nutrition.

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