This week on WJON's Health Matters program I was joined by Therapist Signe Miller from the Village Family Service Center.  Miller works with children and families at the Village.  She says a child's mental health was challenged during the pandemic with social distancing, online schooling and staying away from family and friends.  Miller says children responded differently to the pandemic depending on their age and family situation at home.  She says some kids did great spending more time with their family while others struggled.  Listen to our conversation below.





Children at all ages are faced with challenges mentally that can include social anxiety, autism or trauma that they may have experienced.  Miller says the autism spectrum has changed over the years and that many people with autism go a lifetime without being diagnosed.  She says kids can also see their mental health improve with therapy.  She says getting older and knowing how to put things in better perspective can also benefit young people.  Miller says it isn't easy for kids or adults to admit they need help from a therapist and says those that come to see a therapist are brave.

Most students are heading back to in-person schooling with Covid-19 numbers declining and many people getting vaccinated.  Miller says kids often do well with a routine and the routine is now changing.  She says kids will adjust and the in-person interaction will likely be more beneficial than negative.  If kids are depressed some signs to look for include not sleeping enough, school attendance is down, grades get worse and they appear to be stressed more than normal.

Learn more about the Village Family Service Center.

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