Scammers are a fact of life. They're getting more creative. As you probably know they can somehow send out phone calls with fake numbers of businesses or people you might know. In fact it happened the other way around here at the station. A man called and said he was returning a call to a number that had called him . The man lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and received a call from a scammer used our radio station phone number.

Now here's one that happened to me on Thursday.  I got an email from someone using the name of a city of Owatonna employee. The email also reflected that it was from someone with the city of Owatonna. The subject was " Do me a Favor?" I've had a little bit of correspondence with this person and thought the favor was to put a public service announcement on the radio. I responded, sure. Her response followed and stated that her niece was having a birthday and she wanted me to buy an ITunes gift card for her since she was out of town and couldn't. She'd reimburse me. Pretty easy to tell this was an attempted scam. Of interest to me was that on her response, her email then showed up with a gmail address.

Keep your eyes open.

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