Among the classes offered this spring by Owatonna Community Ed is one on secrets to growing giant pumpkins.This is the first time a class like this has been offered.Perhaps you've noticed the growing popularity on social media of people taking the challenge to grow as large a pumpkin as possible.

The class will be Tuesday, May 1 at 7PM at Roosevelt School on East McKinley Street in Owatonna.Tanner Conway who is a recent horticulture graduate from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls will be the instructor. Conway has grown a number of pumpkins that have tipped the scales over 1,000 pounds. His largest to date is 1170 pounds. Class attendees will also receive giant pumpkin seeds for their own gardens.

The class charge is $15. You need to pre register. You do so by going to the Owatonna Community Ed web site. You may also call (507)-444-7900. While you're on their web site check out the other spring offerings from Community Ed.


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