The Dodge County Sherriff's Department has issued a warning for people that are helping with the community spring clean-up projects going on all around southeast Minnesota. They took to Facebook to warn about the dangers of "meth bottles."

Thier post says: "We want to caution anyone who may be involved in any type of roadside cleaning project. If you should come across a capped soda or sports drink bottle that has an unusual looking substance inside, please be extremely cautious. Pop bottles with straws in the caps are also a sign. As seen in this picture, individuals will manufacture Methamphetamine in what is referred to as "shake and bake" method. Once they obtain their Meth product, they will often discard the bottles in roadside ditches. If these bottles were to be opened and oxygen is introduced to the volatile chemicals inside, the bottle could blow up and cause serious injury or even death. If you come across such an item, please do not touch it and contact law enforcement immediately. Please share, it could save someone's life."

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