I had no idea that people actually did YELP reviews for Minnesota Jails. I have to admit that some gave me a chuckle. Check out some of these YELP reviews.

This one is from the Washington County Jail;

  • Louis K.
  • Saint Paul, MN
  • 10/12/2016

If you're ever in need of a great relaxing vacation. Washington County Jail is the place to travel to. They have a taxi service as well. They will pick you up from your own residence and escort you in one of their fine vehicles. Once you arrive they will take your photos and finger prints. This is just an ID check thing. Then once you get to your area you get to enjoy the amazing sights from a 6x8 room. Free breakfast too. One box serving of cereal and bread. Its a pretty secure place so your safety is always first. In order to leave early you do have to go through a meeting/gathering with top notch officials. Its like going through customs. You either stay in and finish the duration of your vacation stay or you get out. I was going to give a 5 star but for that reason alone it gets 3 stars.

Anoka County Jail

Minneapolis, MN

First to Review

Friendly, caring and child-like staff, would recommend for getting finger-printed! The guys who took care of me were very funny, which is something that you would not expect from officers at a jail. They made the process more enjoyable by making jokes and making sure they took care of my needs in a timely fashion!

Minneapolis, MN

Worst hotel I've ever stayed at. The mattresses were terrible, no fridges or microwaves in the suites. The restaurant downstairs was terrible. Also, I ordered room service when I got there, still didn't come by the time I left... 80 days late! They have terrible customer service, most of the staff treats you like a criminal. I would NOT recommend this for a vacation spot if you plan on visiting Anoka

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Nutswayl O.

Anoka County Jail


people are not very nice here.

  • Dakota County Jail
  • Hastings, MN

    This place is just short of a house of torture. Anyone that's been through here knows what I'm talking about if you're gonna get in trouble, don't do it in Dakota County!!!

    • Carl M

    I didn't try the food but the single serving cereal boxes made for a good pillow. Five stars for not strip searching me,

    I guess the lesson here is if you plan on committing a crime, check out the YELP reviews for wherever you plan on breaking the law.

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