As indicated in an earlier post, it looks like Minnesota will be seeing even more ticks than usual this summer. The little buggers managed to beat the cold by hiding under thick blankets of snow. This uptick includes the insect that causes Lyme Disease.  It's shown up in almost all of the states. In Minnesota we now average 1,200 cases of Lyme Disease a year.

Increasing your odds in not contracting Lyme Disease includes advice that applies to many other ticks including mosquitoes.  It's recommended that you where white or very light colored clothing. You should also attempt to wear white socks and pull them over your pant legs. Oil of oregano is recognized as an insect repellent and it's said that it will help repel the tick that spreads Lyme Disease as well. Inspect yourself each time you come in from the outdoors.

Symptoms of Lyme disease include fever, chills along with muscle and joint ache. It seems that attempting to cut down your risk of contracting Lyme disease is quite similar to fending off the dreaded Minnesota mosquito.


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