This is something you may not have thought about when posting your kids' senior photos online.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Better Business Bureau are warning parents and students to think twice before posting senior photos online. This is the time of year when people do just that to celebrate the milestone of graduation.

So why would this be a bad idea? Because it can let scammers in on some basic information about you that can be found in your passwords or password retrieval questions.

The information that scammers can gain access to from your congratulatory and celebratory post include the name of your high school or college, your graduation year, your age and your family members, along with other valuable information.

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The Better Business Bureau says to be wary of making these kinds of posts, whether a student or a parent, no matter how much you may want to. You may think this is going to just your friends online but on the internet, nothing is private.

The BBB also says to routinely make it a point to check your security settings on your social media pages to see who you are sharing information with. If you are worried you may have given away too much information online, they also suggest changing your passwords and your account retrieval questions.

It is also important to note that taking part in other trends, like posting about your favorite movies or shows, can also give away information about you that you may not think is valuable.

As for the FBI, they also advise posting your senior picture online. They second the fact that it is a super easy way for scammers to gain access to your accounts.

There is no shortage of scams these days. In fact, scammers seem to be able to find a way to scam anyone and anything. For example, scammers are taking advantage of the rental car shortage going on.

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