If you're anything like me, you love looking at big, beautiful houses. I also like seeing fun and unique homes that stand out from the rest and thankfully, there are plenty of those to browse in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I was thinking back on homes I have seen or written about throughout the years and remembered that once upon a time, I wrote about the priciest home in Minnesota. Obviously, this changes, and people snatch up homes and others go up for sale.

That got me thinking - what is the most lavish home on the market in Minnesota right now? I think I found the answer. According to Zillow at the time of writing this, one of the most expensive homes can be found in Minneapolis.

The home is located along Lake Of The Isles Parkway and has four bedrooms, eight bathrooms and an elevator to get from one floor to another! The home is located at 2427 East Lake Of The Isles Parkway, by the way.

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It is a Spanish Revival home with lake views, lush greenery, a giant backyard, and a custom kitchen. It was built in 1911 but looks brand new with grandeur in each and every room. It also has a six-car garage and elegant old-world touches, according to the listing.

Obviously, the most expensive homes for sale change but for now, this one has the title of one of the most expensive and for a good reason - it is absolutely gorgeous, sitting just one road away from Lake Of The Isles. Take a tour below until a higher-priced home pops up. Ha!

Spanish Revival Minneapolis Mansion Has Elevator + Lake Views

Photo Tour: Duluth's St. Louis County Jail Building Redeveloped Into Boutique Apartments

Take a look through Leijona, Duluth's newest and by far most unique apartment building, which began taking tenants in January 2023.

Leijona is Finnish for lion and according to developers, it sets a new bar for urban living in Duluth. Located in the center of downtown, it offers 33 newly redeveloped boutique apartment units with brand-new fixtures in a restored historic building.

Leijona is located in the building that once served as the home of the St. Louis County jail and those historic details can still be seen throughout.

Look at how they've recreated a local landmark in downtown Duluth.

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