A 39 year old Faribault man was charged today with two felonies related to an incident that started Wednesday night and ended in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Juan Jose Zamarripa, was charged with second-degree assault and making terroristic threats. He was also charged with fifth degree possession of methamphetamine.


The criminal complaint states Faribault Police had a officer," flagged down in downtown Faribault Wednesday evening by two men who said Zamarripa approached them, began yelling and swearing and then pulled a handgun on them before going back into the building he had just exited."

"The offcier reported he then heard someone in the same building yelling and cursing.  He then asked the man, identified as Zamarripa to come out and talk to him but Zamarripa refused."

The criminal complaint goes on, "Additional officers were called to assist including Rice County Sheriff's deputies."

"Zamarripa then begain yelling, 'Shoot me, Shoot me. Shoot me.  If you shoot me, you'll die.'

A Rice County Attorney's Office News Release states, "He then broke out a window in the building and allegedly waved a handgun toward the building across the street."

"After officers tried for hours to de-escalate the situation, members of the South Metro SWAT team deployed pepper munitions into the apartment Zamarripa was holed up in, and Zamarripa reportedly exited the building.  He allegedly removed his handgun from his waistband and tossed it on the ground, then asked officers to shoot him before walking toward the gun."

"The SWAT team then struck Zamarripa in the legs with non-lethal 40mm rounds."

John Sherwin, Faribault Police Chief told KDHL it took three blasts of the non-lethal rounds to knock the defendant down so they could handcuff him and place him under arrest.

The County Attorney's Office News Release says, "During a search officers reportedly found a 9mm bullet and a small bag containing methamphetamine in his pocket."

During a hearing this morning Judge John Cajacob set Zamarripa's bail at $150,000 with no conditions or $75,000 with conditions.

"The officers on the scene responded to a volatile and dangerous situation with restraint and a high degree of professionalism, " said Rice County Attorney John Fossum.  "We are glad no one was seriously injured in this situation.  The work of the SWAT team members, the Faribault police, Rice County Sheriff's deputies and all other officers on the scene who brought this to a safe conclusion is commendable."

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