With the historic launch of Space X it got me thinking, how much does a space suit cost? Well, with a little help from the internet I was able to find out I most likely will never be able to afford one!

According to Business Insider and Maine News, it cost roughly $12 Million. It maybe costly to make, but it is worth every cent to ensure the safety of the individual wearing it! On each suit there are 14 layers that protect the wearer but they are broken down in to five main sections:

  1. Liquid Cooling and Ventilation: There are three layers involved in this section. We've all been told that space is vast and cold, while that is true space can also be very hot! In direct light from the sun, it could reach a temperature of 325 degrees fahrenheit so proper insolation is required! The suit also properly vents out CO2.
  2. Bladder Layer: In this layer(s), it helps ensure proper pressure dynamics for the protection of the wearer. This layer also helps hold the oxygen that the wearer would be breathing in the vast nothingness of space!
  3. Ripstop Layer: The main objective of this layer is protection. It is designed to help prevent rips and tears of the suit which makes it the most critical layer of the suit!
  4. Mylar Insulation Layer: This includes 7 layers and is made of material found in food storage products! The Mylar layer is designed to function like a thermo or cooler to help regulate the temperature of the wearer and keep it stable.
  5. The Final Layer: creative right? While that's not the official name of the layer, this layer is comprised of three pieces. One of the main features of this layer is that kevlar protection it is designed with. Similar to how bullet proof vest are designed to protect their wearer, this kevlar layer is designed with similar intentions!

Other pieces of the suit include a gold plated visor, yup real gold, to help protect the eye of the wearer and reflect any glare they may encounter as well as infrared radiation.I Ever wonder why space suits are the unique white? Well, that is because the color can help reflect the heat that an astronaut may encounter while in space!

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