Social media is a great tool to have, but sometimes it could land you in a some hot water. Just ask Hussien Mehaidli.

Mehaidil is now searching for a new job after a complaint about his holiday gift from his former employer, Minnesota based company Fastenal. Unhappy about his bottle of BBQ sauce that he received as a holiday gift while employed for the Canadian branch of Fastenal, Mehaidi took to twitter to voice his displeasure. The tweet has since been deleted.

via Bring Me the News
via Bring Me the News

According to the Star Tribune, the tweet went viral almost immediately. The Industrial Supply Giant did not find the tweet so harmless as they since have canned Mehaidil. Fastenal CEO, Dan Florness, learned about the tweet via the news and a lot of negative feed back.

Once the Internet learned that Hussien Mehaidli had been fired by the company, some users called for a boycott of the company while others made jokes about the situation.

Fastenal is a multimillion dollar industrial company based out of Winona with over 2,200 branches throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

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