Emerald Ash Borer Week was observed in May. Certified Arborist from Olmstad County Ryan Brick was a guest on AM 1390's Talk of the Town. The EAB has yet to make its presence known in Steele County though it was detected last year in eastern Dodge County. Brick feels that as close as it is, its probably inevitable that it will show up someday in Steele County. Years ago with the Dutch Elm disease problem, many elm trees were replaced with ash trees so there are plenty of them around here.

Brick says the best deterrent is to continue to observe laws and not transport wood from county to county. Camping season is here. Use local wood for your camp fires. Dodge County is currently under a quarantine. Steele County residents can keep their eyes open for signs of possible EAB presence. Things to look for include a smaller canopy and flecking of the bark. The flecking is caused when the EAB is gotten underneath the bark. If you have suspicions, you may call 888-545-6684 to report your findings.



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