Sometimes the only way to find something is to stop looking. In the case of a 31-year-old Wisconsin woman, that is exactly what it took to find her long-lost sister.

Really, it sounds like a TV plot, but it really happened in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Hillary Harris was the result of an affair with a married man. Her mom put her up for adoption, and as she grew older, Hillary always wondered about her siblings.

Then she got pregnant with her own daughter and started a serious search. First, she wanted to track down her birth parents. In an obituary, she found her dad was dead, but it listed his other kids, so she had their names, which should've made the search easier. But it didn't...and after a while, she lost hope.

Then, a year ago, a couple moved in next door to Hillary Harris. They share a driveway, so when a package came for the neighbor, she could see the name on the package. "Dawn Johnson." That was a name from the obituary, so she took a chance, asked her about her dad and boom! Half sisters! Click HERE to see their pictures.

Kinda makes up for all the bad neighbors you get in life, right?

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