Summertime is here. The neighbors are coming over. Ladder golf and bean bags are always solid options for games. But maybe you want to try something different.

During a recent baseball game delay, due to a late arriving umpire, players on our team pulled together a game of baseball bocce ball. They tossed a yellow practice ball as a target and used their bats to golf baseballs toward the yellow ball. The regular game of bocce is also an easy choice.

Does anyone play croquet anymore? We have friends who play frequently and they sail to easy victories whenever we stop over as they are always in tune with the knock-it-down-the-block move after striking a ball. The set-up takes a few minutes.

The game of Twister can be taken into the yard, but it takes a little planning. Use spray paint to create the game board in the yard. Just do it early enough for the paint to dry. This idea came from

Ring toss seems to come up during games at Vacation Bible School often. Use duct tape to make a pool noodles into rings. Have the kids stand in a circle and try to toss the rings onto someone in the middle.

For the adults, you can find a tree stump, hammer and a few nails for a rousing contest of coordination with hammerschlagen. Adult beverages optional. Eye protection is suggested.





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