I’m still trying to decide whether this dude is my personal hero or not.

In August of 2017, Mark McCune of Jackson, Wisconsin was issued a $10 ticket for a seat belt violation. McCune had been wearing a seat belt, but had tucked the strap behind his left arm due to soreness from a gym workout. Due to Wisconsin’s Click-It-Or-Ticket enforcement, he was issued a ticket anyway despite the fact that he was technically wearing his seat belt.

McCune decided to fight the ticket by showing up to his court date. This is where the story takes a weird turn. When McCune appeared in court, he was fully dressed as a clown because, in his words, the whole trial was "a circus." Because the world sometimes works in wonderful ways, there is audio recording of the judge’s reaction:

Amazing. The judge was apparently so offended by Mark’s clown attire that he recused himself from the case. Maybe the judge is from Derry, Maine?


Mark apologized to anyone who may have been offended, including "any clowns out there." His next court appearance is set for a later date. What will he wear this time?!


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