If you saw my post with the gallery of pictures from Summer Games over the weekend, you saw a lot of athletes being awarded their medals. These athletes practice for a few months, and their effort is rewarded during competition.

I don't have the swimming results yet, and as soon as I do, I will certainly share them. Track and Field have the following results from the Owatonna Area Special Olympics team:

  • 18 Gold Medals
  • 16 Silver Medals
  • 12 Bronze Medals
  • 7 4th Place
  • 1 5th Place
  • 2 Participant awards

There were 3 relay teams, and their results are:

  • Unified Relay - Bronze
  • Relay Team 1 - Bronze
  • Relay Team 2 - 5th Place

Congratulations to all of the athletes, your hard work showed amazing results. The smiles and looks on the athletes' faces is my reason why I coach.

Melissa Hall/TSM
Melissa Hall/TSM


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